LA’s Top Accountants


In the Motion Picture and Television Industry, be you agent, actor, writer, producer, manager, casting, or any industry individual; managing your income (many times from multiple sources) can be much like trying to put an extremely challenging puzzle together. As you climb the Industry ladder, and those nice big checks start to roll in,–if you are at all savvy with finances, you also realize that your income tax bracket has sky rocketed. You may have decided to start a “side business,” perhaps with a friend, to divert a portion of your income—and to make it grow, especially when times may be lean in your career—or to promote your name. More and more Money Pieces of your Financial Puzzle just keep coming in—and you now realize that it is time to find just that Right Accountant that can make them “Fit Together”to yield you the highest returns on your Hard Earned Industry Money. Is there such a Financial Puzzle Wizard out there?


Enter the stunning and brilliant Armine Alajian, CPA, founder of Alajian Group whose credo is “I’m an accountant…What’s your super power?”—and no Truer words were ever stated…because we all know that an Ace Accountant can almost magically transform our Financial Fiascos into Robust Robots built to increase and fortify our finances.


“I have always loved numbers and solving puzzles,” states the very personable Armine. “Being an entrepreneur myself (having been an integral part of three startups in the past two years), and having grown up around the entertainment industry, I have great respect for the creative personality. Over the past 17 years, I have been able to help creative people do what they do best, by supporting them on the accounting side. To me, it is like putting a complex puzzle together—connecting all the dots to form just the right financial picture.” And this Power Agent reporter can attest to Armine’s puzzle constructing capability, for beautiful, intricate, puzzles which Armine has assembled (as a hobby) dot the walls of her bustling office.


“My passion for accounting began in high school when I enrolled in the National Academy of Finance,” adds Armine. “While attending Cal State Northridge,I worked with private CPA firms, doing bookkeeping and business management for the Entertainment Industry–from there, it was on to Miller Kaplan Arase LLP, top 10 Accounting firm in Los Angeles. and 100 in the U.S.! Having obtained my CPA license, I transitioned to Warner Bros. and then Zest Finance, a fintech startup where I was privileged to build the accounting infrastructure. I then knew it was time to embark on my own journey and share my talents as an Accounting Entrepreneur with the formation of Alajian Group in 2017.”

And from the finest in Accounting, Business Management, Consulting, and Payroll, to Startup Accounting and Tax Preparation …there is none finer! “Each client’s situation is different, and we work diligently at Alajian Group to formulate just the right Accounting and Financial plan for them. I started working with a company that, due to their lack of financial understanding, had overstated their expenses by $700,000. They were issuing financial statements and filing tax returns with incorrect data. They didn’t understand what they were doing–how they were accounting for their transactions—things were all over the place. Internal and external company decisions were made based on inaccurate facts and data. I began to reorganize, connect the dots and put the puzzle together correctly, and of course, things took a prosperous turn. This is one of the “Super Powers” of an accountant.

I am sometimes asked, ‘Why should I choose an Accountant/CPA over a Bookkeeper?’ To this I reply, the technical knowledge and experience of an Accountant/ CPA is more comprehensive than a Bookkeeper. A lot
of people think that a bookkeeper’s tasks are the same as an accountant’s. This is not true. Accounting is not about coding transactions, it’s about providing awareness, telling story, looking at the health of the company, being compliant, and providing reliable information. You have to be able to see the whole picture and how all the moving parts relate to each other.


When asked what she felt made a TOP 10 ACCOUNTANT, Armine Alajian articulately replied, “#1 is Integrity—do they have their ‘Client’s Back?’ Also, Transparency and Honesty are integral. Another important factor is Loyalty—do they build lasting relationships with their clients? Do they understand your specific needs, and are they hearing them? It is never one size fits all. Do they educate their clients—and share information? We pride ourselves at Alajian Group on taking all the Fear OUT of Finances. Money is a relationship, and we want our clients to enjoy it. At Alajian Group, we believe an Educat-ed client is a more Powerful client. Another passion of mine is helping people with start-up businesses—which is all about accurate information and accounting!


And the FIVE STAR KUDOS are in for Armine Alajian, CPA and the Alajian Group:

“Armine is amazing at what she does. She has great attention to detail. Since I’m busy with clients and travel, I hired Alajian Group to do my monthly accounting and financial statement preparation. I am very happy with the results and their work ethic.”
— Kristine O.

“Armine explains things clearly and she’s incredibly knowledgeable. I have a real sense of security, knowing there’s always quality advice on hand as my business grows and I have to make more decisions.”
— Greta A.


“I can’t say enough good things about the Alajian Group. Managing finances of 7 different entities in different states when you’re entrenched in day to day operation has been nothing short of chaos until Armine came on board. She’s simplified our process, kept us on schedule and made us look good to our clients. The entire team of the Alajian Group has gone above and beyond to understand our unique businesses and made our bookkeeping and taxes stress free, which is invaluable.”
— Ryan K.

“Starting a business can be very daunting, but with the help of Armine and the Alajian Group I always felt prepared, educated, and at ease through the entire process. Armine has become a trusted partner and a friend and someone I couldn’t imagine being on the start-up journey without.”
— Lauren R.


You’ve exercised your Super Powers in Motion Pictures and Television. Isn’t it time for you to partner with an Accountant who can exercise her Financial Super Powers to put you on a Financial Path that keeps you “On the Grow”? Contact Alajian Group, home of Armine Alajian at (323) 538-5358. You may also give her an email jingle at, and check out her extremely informative website at You will soon understand why we named Armine Alajian one of LA’S TOP 10 ACCOUNTANTS. You, too, will want a CLOSE UP ON: ARMINE ALAJIAN: YOUR FINANCIAL PUZZLE WIZARD.