You may think that accounting is a sophisticated system that governs the financial state of your business by recording your company’s raw financial information about transactions, taxes, etc. Accounting is how your business records, organizes and understands its financial information. Nowadays accountants and business managers have varieties of options to make the financial planning process organized and easier. Below are the “TOP 3 FINANCE RELATED SOFTWARE” that Alajian Group recommends to use to avoid the need to rifle through a box of papers, receipts, and invoices. In this blog, we will help you choose the one that meets your business needs and maybe change your mind a bit into not thinking of accounting as something very very complex. A completely cloud-based solution that works effectively for accounting activities such as invoicing and billing. By using services, users can easily pay contractors and vendors, along with receiving payments from clients as well. With’s accounts payable module, users can automatically be invoiced. Several types of payment methods such as ACH payments, paper checks, and many more are compatible. With the accounts receivable module, invoices can be sent to customers automatically, where customers can choose from a wide range of payment methods. The program can be integrated with various other accounting solutions such as Xero, QuickBooks, and Intacct. Customer Support handling option is available as an app in-built feature. This is a great tool that can serve accountants with many benefits. The time you spend on payments and bill approvals is cut down by up to  50% or even more, as this software can process hundreds of bills in minutes. This application can also update your accounting software as well. Formerly known as ZenPayroll, is an excellent platform for payroll, compliance management, and benefits administration. Focused to serve primarily small businesses, Gusto offers multiple tools for the management of main HR tasks such as hiring, tracking, training, onboarding, and many more. With individual and separate online accounts, employees can register their personal information and track the paperwork through one central location. Businesses can seamlessly automate the process of payroll by pre-scheduling benefits and payment release. This program has the ability to automatically track, calculate, pay and eventually file company’s payroll taxes. This software can be integrated to Xero, Quickbooks, and similar others, making it easier and simpler for accountants. Gusto has the ability to handle your tax filing automatically, making it a dream come true for accountants. A fully-featured expense and receipt management solution, comes as both mobile and web-based apps. Through Expensify, the management of expenses, financial transactions, and several other money-related matters can be managed seamlessly. It allows the user to maintain summaries of multiple accounts and different debt-to-income ratios can also be maintained properly with this app. Expensify can also track all of your travel expenses on the basis of distance traveled or the time spent on a project. It also offers the conversion of currencies to suit international travels. It’s an all-in-one expense recording and maintaining software that one needs. Expensify has a one-click feature, where you can take a snapshot of your expense receipts, and the software does the work of preparing an expense report. Such a feature can come in handy for accounting. Accountants can also benefit by this software, which eliminates the clumsy spreadsheets and replaces them with easy-to-access receipts through the mobile application.