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Armine Alajian, founder of Alajian Group in Los Angeles and New York, is a highly skilled accountant with 25 years of experience. A graduate of California State University, Northridge, she has worked extensively in fintech startups, national CPA firms, private accounting for various corporations, and business management for entertainment professionals. Armine is known for her exceptional leadership, technical proficiency, and emotional intelligence, which fuel her passion for problem-solving and delivering efficient solutions. Her focus at Alajian Group includes building robust accounting infrastructures, implementing internal controls, optimizing financial reporting processes, and reducing costs through efficiency improvements. Armine’s relentless determination and commitment to excellence have solidified her reputation as a prominent and respected figure in the accounting industry.

Armine Alajian

Armine Alajian CPA

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Optimize your e-commerce finances with precision and ease

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Navigate your startup's financial journey with expert guidance and tailored solutions

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Stay compliant and minimize tax liabilities effortlessly with our expert tax services


Unlock strategic insights and achieve financial success with personalized consulting services


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Elevate your business with fractional CFO expertise tailored to your growth trajectory

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While we serve businesses across various sectors, we have experience working with companies in industries like  fintech startups, e-commerce, entertainment and many more.

We can handle your bookkeeping in-house or recommend cloud-based accounting software that integrates seamlessly with our services.

We utilize the latest cloud-based accounting software to ensure efficient data management, secure access, and real-time financial insights.

Our team stays up-to-date on the latest tax laws and regulations. We employ a meticulous review process to ensure your tax returns are accurate and maximize your deductions.

Yes, we provide financial analysis, budgeting assistance, and strategic CFO consulting to help you make informed business decisions.

We offer personalized service, a proactive approach, and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success.

Yes, we understand the importance of financial planning for business success. We offer a range of financial planning services to help you:

  • Develop financial projections and forecasts
  • Analyze your business’s financial health
  • Create a roadmap for achieving your financial goals
  • Make informed decisions about investments and future growth

Our team attends ongoing continuing education courses and actively monitors tax law updates to ensure we provide the most current advice.