Meet Our Founder: Armine Alajian Founder & CPA

With 20 years of experience Alajian Group founder, Armine Alajian is quickly becoming one of the top accountants in Los Angeles. Having graduated from California State University, Northridge she has experience in fintech startups, public accounting from a national CPA firm, was ranked in the top 10 public accounting firms in Los Angeles, private accounting for various corporations and business management for entertainment professionals. Armine continues to demonstrate exceptional leadership and organizational abilities balancing mixture between technical skills, special knowledge, and emotional intelligence. Those who work with Armine love how passionate she is about helping, problem solving and providing solution-based results, all while managing to put a strong emphasis on building accounting infrastructures, internal controls, financial reporting, and best practices. She strives to improve efficiency, automation, reporting, and reducing costs. 

Alajian Group was founded on the shoulders of a woman who refused to take ‘No’ for an answer and continues to thrive on her determination to succeed in the accounting world.